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  1. According To This, I’ll be Dead Sooner Than I’d Hoped

    March 1, 2013 by admin

    There’s a new study  out that says having sons takes an average of 8.5 months off a mother’s life. (Please note that according to this study, having sons does not affect a father’s lifespan, lucky shits.) For me, this study is actually a breath of fresh air because I thought I’d die a much earlier death due to having two sons. I thought I’d shaved at least several years off my life already. But maybe it’s just my particular breed of boys.

    8.5 months? Come on. That’s less than a full school year. That’s just one Mite hockey season. You can’t even fully gestate another baby in in 8.5 months.

    But still, when I tell my boys that “I just can’t take it anymore,” or “You’re killing me,” at least now I’m not just overdramatizing. At least now I have some proof to back up my claims.

    In no particular order, here are a few of the reasons why I think my boys are killing me faster.

    1. Bickering (2.7 years gone). It’s constant. They bicker about what episode of Wild Kratts to watch. They bicker about one teeny tiny black Lego in a room filled with thousands of Legos. They bicker about who their baby sister loves more. They bicker about who ate more at dinner and who did or didn’t fart at the table. They bicker about Nerf gun darts, paper airplanes, who won at knee hockey, plastic place mats, scraps of construction paper, mechanical pencils, cheap birthday party favors and the close proximity of one another’s face, hands, elbows and feet.

    2. Worry Over the Threat of Possible Sports Injuries (2.3 years gone). I know. Girls play sports too. I also know that injuries are possible with any sport, but having a young and enthusiastic hockey player (and another one being cultivated) does cause a bit of concern from time to time, especially with all the recent discussion about concussions in young kids. Tonight during the ceremonial puck drop of the Boston/Ottawa game, I learned that a local high school hockey player had his wrist slit last month by an opposing team member’s skate in a freak accident on the ice. He almost died. “I have to Google that,” I said to Rich. “Please. Don’t,” he said. “Then you’ll worry about that too.” Worry Over the Threat of Possible Sports Injuries consists mostly of things that could happen in the future, not things that are likely to occur in the present.

    3. Noise Levels (9 months gone). Boys are loud. They are loud on their own. But when they are together, noise levels can be epic. Or at least it seems that way to a person who cherishes peace, quiet and an environment free of the sounds of bodily functions. I can’t tell you how many times a day, I say Stop Yelling. Stop Screaming. Stop making that annoying noise. Stop making fart noises with your armpit. Do that in the bathroom. Stop burping. Stop stomping. Stop banging hockey sticks against the wall. My husband says they’re just being boys. Sometimes I want them to stop. just. being. boys.

    4. They say girls are emotional. (We’ll find out for ourselves soon enough.) But, newsflash: Boys. Are. Crazy. Trying to figure out what goes on in their little heads is like trying to figure out why in the hell people would want to watch Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Louie Anderson, Keshia Knight Pullam and a few other B-list’s, wannabes and has-beens compete in a high-dive competition on ABC. Attempting to do so takes at least 2.1 years off my life.

    5. Roughhousing. (2.4 years, ba-bye). Boys are generally highly volatile little beings. An intense Star Wars Lego battle soon turns into a friendly wrestling match turns into a not-so-friendly boxing match turns into a free-for-all ending with someone crying and needing a bandaid or cold compress. Boys need to be supervised at all times, leaving less time for things like texting, browsing Facebook, cooking, cleaning and drinking wine. This deprivation leads to malnourished children, a hungry husband, a filthy house and an anti-social, yet much more sober, mom.

  2. The Things I Carried

    February 6, 2013 by admin

    I have the bad habit of putting trash and other odds and ends in places they don’t belong: on the kitchen counter, on my bureau, on the dining room table as I’m flying out the door with the kids, in my extra-large plum and burnt orange LL Bean tote bag I haul around, and on the floor of my minivan on the way to my kids’ various activities. And while the little voice inside my head assures me this is only a temporary solution — come on, I’m busy, I’ll throw/put that away as soon as I am done with (insert some inane activity here), I promise — I consistently find that at least once a week, I am completely disgusted with my behavior. But the absolute worst place I can stick my hand into is my coat pockets. Here is where I find the weirdest collection of…things. Seriously, I could have my own reality show. Sort of like Hoarders. But where the experts storm into my house and start ripping coats out of my closet and emptying my pockets and shouting desperately in my face, “See! See what you have become!”

    Anyhoo. The following is a list, in no particular order (okay, there is an order) of things I have recently discovered in my coat pockets. I assure you that what you are about to read is real.

    – Two rusty screws and a rusty nail.

    – A small piece of jagged plastic, origin unknown.

    – Loose change covered in an unknown sticky substance.

    – Baby nail clippers.

    – A bottle cap.

    – A Market Basket pink deli counter ticket.

    – A gum wrapper covering a chewed morsel of an unidentified food, most likely spit forth from the mouth of a child.

    – Eyebrow tweezers

    – Used baby wipes (not diaper related).

    – Stiff balls of dirty facial tissues.

    – A purple pompom.

    – Several Bobby pins, a paperclip and a rubberband.

    – A small pile of crumbs — remnants of three or more unfinished snacks, which probably include Goldfish, a Kashi cereal bar and toddler Mum Mums.

    – Receipts, napkins and straw wrappers, all from Dunkin’ Donuts.

    – A Matchbox car.

    – Plastic backings to some sort of sticker, usually the orange dots from Market Basket.

    – A sock.

    – A thimble-sized bottle of Walgreens hand sanitizer.

    – A “Free Slice” card from Upper Crust Pizza

    – A “crystal” (a white rock my son found in the yard)

    – Two used Q-tips.

    (TMI? Sorry! Sometimes my son’s personal hygiene takes place on the way to the bus stop. Apparently we do a lot of our personal upkeep on the go.)